15 --- Print Lab Lettering

A lettering piece that I did on the print lab chalkboard at school.
Lynda.com is an amazing resource and my boss & I wanted to
encourage students to use it this semester!



12 --- A Chalkboard to Practice On!

My boyfriend, Chris Grannen built me a chalkboard sign out of a baby crib from a thrift store!
Now I can use it to practice chalk lettering all of the days that I need!!
(starting with a love/thank you note)


11 --- September Update!

Hey! Sorry it's been so long since I've been able to post about new signs.
Here is a lettering project that I worked on the beginning of September to tide you over until I can post about new saw-the-sign-work.
This piece is inspired by a song by the band Stars called "Your Ex-Lover is Dead".
I'll be back soon with new signs! :)